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The purpose of the program is to give the players a competitive schedule and skill development practices.
The end result is helping the player get to the next level.
We will also work on their physical advancement by having them work out with the Extreme Fitness Sports (EFS) Trainers,  for 8 sessions . They will work on speed training, first step & core strength.
Fall Session: 

September 19th

* Free Use of HBA Facility for cages 7-10 if there are no lessons or practices.  Otherwise, cages 1-6 can be used for $1.50 for every 2 minute session (20 balls).

Why This Program?

If you want to know how your son can get to the level where he will compete at the high school level or above-This is the program.  Hardtke's has been able to get the most out of players following this proven method of games plus skill development practices by coaches who have all played at the college and/or pro level.  We don't believe that players will get to their highest level of play by rolling out a ball and having them only play a lot of games.  We are interested in serious baseball players who work hard and have the desire to get to the "Next Level".  On our website under "Alumni" you will see an awesome list of players who got there.  Hardtke's only helped them but they got there because they worked hard and had the desire to succeed.  We just provided the road map.

Fall/Winter Session


$195 Deposit (Non-refundable)

Position Players: $900.00*** or 4 months at $225/Month